Pool Party - Summer's Here!

My son decided it would be fun to invite some friends to a pool party.  He asked them first in jest, "who wants to come to a pool party?"  A bunch said yes, and then he invited 150 kids or so!  Luckily, many couldn't come for whatever reason, including working etc.  Those that did come seemed to have a great time.

You see, we can't have too many people come for a pool party as we have an above ground pool that only holds so many people!   Being towards the beginning of summer time, the water hasn't had a chance to warm up too much.   So we put on the pool's thermal blanket for the first time to try and warm it up a bit.  It seemed to work!  Still, it was a bit chilly for some.

To warm themselves up and have fun, they do this funny whirlpool thing in the pool.  They all swim real fast in one direction, or run almost, and the water gets flowing around and begins to have a life of its own!   At some point, they decide to go against the current and that is always funny to watch as its much harder than you might think.  I am recalling a young man trying to swim hard against the current and not getting anywhere!  They would laugh and goof off and then get out again to warm up around the fire we had going on one of those little fire pit things.  We love that!

For the party we had floats in the pool, a ball and some other pool toys that seemed to be better than nothing.  We had all kinds of snack foods, and the onion dip with chips and veggies was a hit actually!  We had some candy, different kinds of soda, and pizza later on as well.  The brownies went quickly!  Watermelon was a fun idea and feeds a lot of people too!

One of the things I loved about this party is that not too much planning went into it.  In life, I think we need to take time to have fun more often.  Its ok if things are somewhat spontaneous, you know?  I find that if we don't sometimes do some spontaneous things, we don't get anything done and just live the harder parts of life out.  We will always have to work and clean and get by, but why not enjoy things to a bit?

A couple of random but fun things also happened.  My son found some old sparklers and brought these out, which was fun around the fire.  Sparklers in June!  Also, my younger son would put on a superman cape and then a mask, and this sparked a dash for other masks from the past.  We had an Obama mask, and old man mask, the Burger King Mask and more.  It was hilarious as the kids jumped from behind and scared each other while hanging out.  Silly kids!

So, even with our neighbor's much nicer and larger in ground pool, the kids had fun at the party.  The music, games and even a bit of a movie and everything else seemed to entertain them just fine for a few hours.  We ought to do this more often!