A Visit With My Cousins

A wonderful mini vacation with my cousins!

I just  got back from a three day visit with some cousins that live in North West Arkansas.  It was a very last minute event.  You see, I very rarely get a long weekend, and very rarely am I so stressed out without some sort of break in site.  Well, I got this crazy idea to contact my cousin, just to see if maybe it would be a good time.  Well, it turned out to be the best time to come, she needed the company, and we had a ball!

I contacted her on facebook, and when she saw it immediately responded.  I was just thrilled!  We planned for me to come out Saturday, do some sightseeing in an American Art Museum named Crystal Bridges, first of all.  The drive was nice, and the visit at Crystal bridges was wonderful.  We went to church on Sunday Morning, then went to a wonderful Italian Lunch.

Later that night, we stayed up late playing a fun game where its a funny version of telephone but with pictures and paper and sentences.  We laughed and laughed.  Then we watched comedy shows and laughed late into the night!  My one cousin said she never laughed so hard in all her life! I believe it, it was just so fun.  You know, the kind of laughing where you can't stop, tears come, your loud laughing goes quiet and you almost have to cross your legs?  Haha, you get the idea!

We had a relaxing fun brunch the next morning, and I can't tell you how grateful I am for the good times. :)  I love my family so much, and was so happy that what turned out as seeming to be too last minute, was actually the best idea for all of us.  So thankful for wonderful family members, you have to treasure those ones!! 

My five and a half hour drive home was nice and uneventful.  Loved it all. Got home just as the sun was finally setting.  I love nature, driving, family and life and good times!