What is Social Monkee? Promote your Sites Online

Social Monkee is an easy backlink builder. You can build 25 backlinks daily to your sites, to help you get better search engine rankings and get more traffic. More traffic to your sites, often means more money if you are working online to make money.

One thing I like about Social Monkee, is it is free as I said, and there are no strings attached. Basically, you need your name, email and a password and the site that you want to submit. Then you can get started right away.

There are two different levels you can be at on Social Monkee. The first one is free, and the second can be purchased for a small price, OR earned by signing up people to Social Monkee. Once you are at that next level, the sites that are backlinking to your site, go from 25 to 100 and you can submit 3 sites a day instead of one! This is an amazing jump. You win either way, and should be getting more traffic almost immediately upon using this service.

I know there is some controversy out there on how much backlinks work, if at all. While I have not come to a complete decision on my own, one thing is for sure. There is no need to spend a lot of time building backlinks to your sites any longer. Social Monkee can help take out that effort and time on your part. They can do it instantly, to 25 or 100 sites every day.

What that translates into 25 "Do Follow" inbound links, from twenty five sites every day. These are from 25 different sites, each with a different IP address. They claim that these are quality back links as well. Why not try it for better search engine indexing and rankings? After a month, there will supposedly be 750 backlinks to your sites and individual pages. This will be ongoing every month.

Social Monkee claims that it can help your search engine ratings, help with leads for your business and generate more traffic generally speaking which generates more revenue over all.

They very clearly state that they won't sell or give away any of your personal information, and that you can opt out at any time.

You don't have to have Firefox, but if you do then Social Monkee creates a firefox plug in for you, When you are on the page that you want to promote, click on the "monkee head" in the firefox add on bar. This firefox plug in will "pre populate" the fields for you. Just double check the URL, your title, and your description. You can then preview it and submit it.

If you don't have Firefox, you just take the URL, submit it, and double check everything is correct, choose a category and then submit it.

If you have used Social Monkee yourself, I am very curious to know your experience, if you care to share it below in the comment section. If you have not signed up yet, there seems to be nothing to lose, and everything to gain, especially now when people are still signing up.