Some Random Thoughts on Physicalism and Physicalists

Re: Physicalists

Physicalists strike me as an odd bunch, to be totally frank. If they could only
see and experience a true world where only their worldview could be played out
in it. It would look nothing like this world and be nothing like our
experiences. Maybe they would be a rock, and just not know it and not be able
to ponder it..

Maybe they would be a spurt of hot lava for a second, then a rock....maybe a
piece of crystal stuck in some layers of rocks being pressed down over time.
Never knowing it. Maybe a hair on a monkey.... that falls out and turns to
dust in a long time from now.

Ok that is silly.... but how do they deal with metaphysics for instance. I
guess they just wouldn't. Nothing beautiful or ugly, nothing to love or hate or
be indifferent about...

I don't get it...they borrow from OTHER worldviews and philosophies every day,
but hold maintain their physicalism with their words. What a self trick...